Pixel 6 is Confirmed to launch with Goole’s SoC

Due to the fact that Android is open-source, developers and enthusiasts sometimes manage to catch interesting facts in the firmware. This time, they managed to find confirmation of rumors that Google is creating a special processor that can be used in the Pixel 6.

So, the reports of 9to5Google and XDA Developers found a mention of the Whitechapel platform in the Android Open-Source Project code. Recall that in their leaks, insiders, talking about the proprietary Google chip, mentioned this name and called it the GS101. Presumably, GS is Google Silicon.

Earlier it was said that the SoC is under development by the search giant in conjunction with Samsung. Therefore, a number of experts do not exclude the possibility that this will be an upgraded version of some Exynos chip. Interestingly, insiders promise us that Samsung is creating a processor for Xiaomi as well.

The abbreviation P21 is inseparably present in the firmware code along with Whitechapel. Most likely, we are talking about Pixel 2021; and the first new chip will receive a smartphone from the company in 2021.

At the level of speculation, reports points that Whitechapel will be a platform using the norms of 5-nanometer technology; and will include eight processor cores, where two Cortex-A78, a couple of Cortex-A76 cores and a quartet of Cortex-A55 cores. But the graphics accelerator will be ARM Mali.

If Google really starts to install chips in its devices; created specifically for it and with fine-tuning of processes, sharpened to improve the quality of photos; then we will see almost reference Android-camera phones with optimal hardware and software components.

Originally published at https://www.techberg.tech.